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2016 Economic Development Review


Now more than ever the City of Edwardsville is on the move! This was evidenced by the major construction projects that took place in 2016. From infrastructure improvements, to demolition of vacant underutilized structures, to the construction of new state-of-the-art buildings, the Economic Development Division is redefining business in Edwardsville.o

Among the more notable projects, we witnessed the completions of the two speculative buildings Gateway 717 (717,000 SF) and Lakeview Commerce Center IV (769,500 SF) and subsequent lease by Amazon.  Two companies relocated their headquarters to Edwardsville, First to the Finish, and Prairie Farms.  Both companies constructed new facilities.  The city also saw the completion of the Park Street Plaza project in downtown Edwardsville.  These projects allowed the City to add 1400 new jobs, retain 44 jobs and attract $130,000,000 in new investment.

The City of Edwardsville completed the Leon Corlew Park (Spray & Play Park), the fire sub- station on the campus of Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and started reconstructing Buchanan Street.  These projects will pave the way for tremendous additional investment in our city.

In addition to these announced projects, the Economic Development staff assisted 26 companies expand in Edwardsville.  Of these 26 companies, 19 of these were existing businesses while 6 new companies were attracted from outside the region.   These 26 companies accounted for a total investment of over $ 1,214,558.   These new investments created 41 new jobs in Edwardsville.

Downtown Edwardsville continues to reflect our community’s image, pride, and prosperity.  New investments exceeded expectations!   In 2016, 67 building permits were issued in Downtown Edwardsville.  The value of these permits was $3.8M.

The Edwardsville Community/Economic Development Division’s mission is to develop strategies which help make Edwardsville the No. 1 location in Southwestern Illinois for high quality jobs. The department seeks to attract new corporate investment in Edwardsville and work with existing Edwardsville companies to facilitate expansion and economic growth.

How well did your business perform in 2016?

Last year proved to be another challenging year for business owners nationwide. Before we officially bring 2016 to a close, The Edwardsville Community/Economic Development Division is requesting your participation in our Small Business Quarterly Economic Survey. Your feedback will provide valuable insight to help us keep our finger on the pulse of the small business community and better advocate for you on the local, state, and federal levels.
The survey will qualify you for a drawing to win a $25.00 gift card. The survey will take approximately ten minutes to complete. Please click here to take the survey and share with us the impact the economy has had on your business during the fourth quarter of 2016. Results will be shared at the Business Forecast Breakfast.
On an ongoing basis, the Economic Development Director will be reporting future survey results to the media and the community in general. This will help drive the programs, products, and resources the Economic Development Director provides businesses operating within the City as well as raise the visibility of the obstacles facing small businesses and the impact they make on our local economy.


Walter D. Williams

Economic/Community Development Director

City of Edwardsville