Businesses here enjoy abundant and affordable utilities

Businesses and industries interested in locating in Edwardsville will be pleased to find they have a lot of options when it comes to their gas and electric providers. This is good news for businesses like manufacturers, food distribution centers, and cold storage facilities with significant power needs. Electricity here is not only very affordable, supplies are also redundant, providing an extra layer of confidence for businesses that rely on uninterrupted power supplies.

Data centers and companies engaging in e-commerce, offices and retail centers interested in locating here will be impressed with a robust fiber-optic network that offers plenty of available bandwidth (also known as “dark fiber”).

The water infrastructure in Edwardsville has more than enough capacity to accommodate new businesses. The City of Edwardsville offers excess water capacity of 2.97 million gallons per day, and excess wastewater capacity of 4.99 million gallons per day. On top of that, Illinois-American Water can deliver up to 1.42 million gallons per day, and the Madison County wastewater treatment plant can process 23 million gallons per day.

Click on the links to learn more about Edwardsville’s utilities. Or just give us a call to find out how Edwardsville can help you meet your utility needs.

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